Rihanna the farmer and the tax-man

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Rihanna, the farmer and the tax-man.

We all know by now that Bangor farmer Alderman Alan Graham told Rihanna to cover up when filming in his fields.

Who’d have thought that my online comment about taxing the farmer could have upset so many Daily Mail readers. It is currently voted 3rd most unpopular comment out of about 900.

I thought Daily Mail readers believed in paying their way. I’m sure that includes paying tax on all your income!

By the way here’s what I said:

“This farmer will have been offered a tidy sum for the use of his land – hundreds of pounds. He agreed and then didn’t like what they did. The only reason he hasn’t been paid is such things take a little time. I hope he remembers to put it on his Tax Return! (And no, Alderman Graham, donating your fee to charity or Church does not make it tax-free.)”

Adrian Huston