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My latest YouTube video poses the following question for the former Prime Minister:

Tony Blair – have you been tax resident in the UK each year since you left Downing Street?”

My reason for wanting that question answered is my suspicion that with the low tax bills his companies pay, and the very low number of days Tony Blair spend in the UK, Tony Blair Inc (the casual name given to his myriad of companies and partnerships) benefits substantially from him being non-resident for tax purposes.

I go into more detail in my Blog post which has had fantastic reader numbers, called Tony Blair’s Tax Bill Mystery.

None of the statements I have seen which were put out by Tony Blair’s spokesman have confirmed that he has remained UK resident for tax purposes since leaving office as PM.  If he is non-resident then this could go some way towards explaining how one of his companies managed to spend £8 million in tax-allowable expenses in the year to 31 March 2011. (It could have been paid to offshore entities ultimately controlled by Tony Blair).

You can access the video here or via my free tax articles website